2021 WWE Network Peacock Trailer



Role: Lead Motion Designer

Trailer I worked on for WWE Network's transition to Peacock streaming service in 2021.

Buffalo Bills Freakout

By Mike Mack

Animation inspired by classic clip of Marc Miller, an enthusiastic Buffalo Bills Fan, predicting the outcome of Super Bowl XXVII.




Role: Lead Motion Designer and 3D Artist

Promo spot for WWE's Hell In a Cell PPV. Aired October 2019.

Interactive Brokers-Splitspread

Sutton Films Production

Role: Director of 3D Animation/ Lead Animator&Designer

A 30 second, 3D animated commercial describing the benefits of using the Interactive Brokers Software. 


Interactive Brokers is the largest U.S. electronic brokerage firm by number of daily average revenue trades, and is the leading forex broker. 

During this production we worked directly with CEO and Founder Thomas Peterffy to bring his vision to life with 3D Animation. 

I'm Just a Contract



Role: Lead Motion Designer/Animator

Parody of School House Rock's classic cartoon "I'm Just a Bill". This spot was a promo for WWE's Money in the Bank PPV which aired May 2019. 

Flight of the Bumblebee

Eti Rozen Production

Role: Director of Animation

This mixed media animation depicts a bumblebee's journey through a vast garden, pursuing the perfect flower. Once she finds the impeccable flower, danger arises.


This piece is animated to the music "Flight of the Bumblebee" by Rimsky Korsakov.

This film was a finalist for the Animation Block Party in Brooklyn NY. 

Street Doughnut

By Mike Mack

A short story about a man and a pastry left on the ground. 

Shop Spot



Role: Lead Motion Designer

Product spot for merchandise from the WWE.

Airborne Plus 

Napoleon Group Production

Role: Lead Animator/Designer

30 second commercial for Airborne Plus Immune booster. Mix of 3D and 2D animation. Commercial was made for a Pre-Visualization commercial for McCann New York.

The Marvel Experience

IdeaMachine Studios Production

Role: Lead 3D Animator

This project I was brought in to work on the motion capture and 3D character animation for the The Marvel Experience. 

The Marvel Experience: The World's First Hyper-Reality Tour, is a mobile interactive attraction featuring Marvel's characters run by Hero Ventures.

Berner Air Curtains

Smitten Studios Production

Role: Director of Animation

A quick 20 second 2D animated spot depicting the quick and easy operation of a Berner Air Curtain. 

Berner International has been saving energy and creating healthy, comfortable environments for their customers for 60 years.

City and The Beast Intro

Tony Sawicki Production

Role: Director of Animation and Design

Animated Intro for show City and The Beast. City and the Beast is written and directed by Tony Sawicki. 

Important Decisions

By Mike Mack

This short was made for the 11 second club monthly character animation competition. 

G.E Predix

IdeaMachine Studios Production

Role: Lead 3D Animator/Designer

This 3D holiday animation shows why Santa must rely on the G.E Predix software for his turbine powered sleigh.

Wrightspeed Powertrains

IdeaMachine Studio Production

Role: Lead Designer/Animator

A 3D "toon style" animation, showing the technology behind a Wrightspeed Powertrains. 

Working directly with CEO Ian Wright and the engineers at Wrightspeed, I had to model and re-create an electric powertrain for this 3D animation. Along with this animation, I created technical illustrations that are featured throughout the company's website.